Frequently Asked Questions

What is this promotion about?
Who are you in the morning? Are you an A.M athlete, a Pre-noon grouch or more of a Morning Zombie? We know everybody has their #morning self and that is why NESCAFÉ Original is cheekily bringing you limited edition jars with six unique personalities on each. Each personality prescribes a certain attitude in the morning, whether you hate the morning or adore it! So, which one are you?

What morning personalities are available?
We have six unique morning personalities to collect:
The A.M. Athlete
The Morning Rusher
The Sunrise Chatterbox
The Morning Zombie
The Early Hours Snoozer
The Pre-Noon Grouch

Has the recipe changed?
No, it is the same full flavour but in Limited Edition jars.

Where can I buy one?
Don’t be a morning zombie, go find them in all major retailers.

Which products are included in this promotion?
Available across NESCAFÉ Original 100g, 200g and 300g and NESCAFÉ Original Decaff 100g, 200g.

How long are the jars available for?
From the end of April through to July.

What even are mornings? (I’m not usually awake before noon)
We don’t blame you mornings aren’t for everyone, sometimes we need those extra few minutes (or hours) in bed.

Do morning people even exist?
Oh, trust us they do.

Is there a snooze button on the jars?
Unfortunately our jars don’t come with a built in snooze button (future idea right there?).

This promotion sounds really cool! Is there any way I can get in touch?
Thank you so much and of course! We love to hear your thoughts and ideas, feel free to contact us on our Twitter @NescafeUKI.