Milk Plan

Starting with the farmers who supply our milk, we believe that we have a responsibility to have a positive impact on all the people we reach.

We have been working closely with dairy farmers who supply milk to our Dalston factory to help to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of their farms.


We have partnered with First Milk, a British farmer owned dairy company, which has become the long-term dedicated supplier of fresh milk in the UK for NESCAFÉ CAFÉ Menu.

This partnership is unique as both First MILK and Nestlé have shared sustainability commitments and have set up measures against them. The First Milk farmers involved participate in the development of a more sustainable and efficient supply chain with the aim of reducing environmental impact.


Specific measures of the Nestlé First Milk Sustainability Partnership include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions:
    The Milk farmers supplying our Dalston Beverage factory attend around 4 sustainability workshop per year. These workshops teach them working practices that allow them to use less water and energy and therefore reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improving the proportion of milk which from forage:
    we encourage farmers to feed their cows more from grass rather than animal feed. This is less costly and is more natural for the cows
  • Developing on-farm biodiversity work:
    Over the next four years we will establish a biodiversity site at every one of our farms. Currently we have eight farms with butterfly meadows. We are partnering with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Wildlife Trust to establish the right biodiversity programme for each farm
  • Helping ensure the next generation of farmers:
    We have established a new Young Farmer Leadership Programme that identifies, nurtures and develops the next generation of dairy leaders – those who are most likely to implement innovative changes to the way in which they farm. In addition we are looking in to opportunities to create farm apprenticeships

Fraser Brown, Sales Director, First Milk said: “The progress which has been made on resource efficiencies, carbon reduction and biodiversity meadows has only been possible as a result of the unique way in which this partnership works.”

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