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Sadly there isn’t a special coffee bean that produces a white coffee when roasted. Actually, white coffee is the term most commonly used to describe a coffee with milk added. The milk lightens the black coffee and creates what we call a white coffee.

However, you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that white coffee could refer to coffee beans themselves. There are also white coffee beans. These are beans that have been under-roasted, giving the bean a lighter colour and the brew a lighter taste than the average coffee.


Around the world, lovers of white coffee reach for NESCAFÉ® Original in1 Coffee Mixes, which make it amazingly easy to make your preferred white coffee with and without sugar. All you have to do is add hot water so you get a creamy coffee every time.

NESCAFÉ® Original in1 Coffee Mixes typically come in 2 in 1, 3 in 1 Extra Smooth, Original and Strong variations - allowing you to choose your personal mug for every occasion.

  • NESCAFÉ® Original 2 in1 for a creamy mug of white coffee.
  • NESCAFÉ® Original 3in1 Extra Smooth if you prefer your coffee mild, sweet and milky.
  • NESCAFÉ® Original 3in1 is the right balance of white coffee and sugar for your daily mug of coffee.
  • NESCAFÉ® Original 3in1 Strong is for those who love their coffe strong, sweet and milky, for that extra depth in flavour.