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Single serve sachets are ideal for those times when you want to enjoy coffee on the go or just simply want the convenience of having the right amount of NESCAFÉ® for a satisfying mug of coffee.

But it’s not just convenient, our single serve packaging means your coffee stays at its freshest right up to the moment you want to drink it. As soluble coffee exposed to air only keeps a few months at the most, single serve sachets ensure you always have the best-tasting coffee possible.

So next time you’re planning a picnic, a camping trip or going hiking, don’t forget to pack your single serve coffee sachet!


Our NESCAFÉ® single serve coffee sachets give you more choice and more convenience. Pack your favourite blends for an impromptu picnic, or make a mug at home without having to measure out the ingredients.

Not only is our single serve packaging convenient, it’s also responsible. As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, we are continually working to improve our packaging design. Recently, we introduced a new type of sachet in the shape of a stick, cutting the amount of packaging material by 27%. Read more about our responsible consumption initiatives.