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Which coffee bean wins the title of “most robust”? If you guessed Robusta, you’re absolutely right!

As the name suggests, Robusta beans are more robust than the other main type of coffee bean, Arabica, and can be grown at low or high altitudes. Robusta is characterised by a strong note, strong body and very little acidity. It is mainly grown in Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia.


Generally, Robusta coffee beans deliver more caffeine compared to Arabica coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans also produce a nice crema (a thin layer of foam), making them also suitable for many espresso blends. You’ll aslo find Robusta beans are used for many soluble coffee products too.


Many of our NESCAFÉ® blends use high quality Robusta coffee beans so you can experience the richness of a deliciously great coffee and enjoy the unmistakable taste of 100% pure coffee from our carefully selected coffee beans.

You ‘ll find blends like NESCAFÉ® Original , our NESCAFÉ® Original in1® Coffee Mixes and NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND®, to name just a few, use Robusta coffee beans.

And because we’re committed to sourcing all our coffee beans responsibly, you can be assured that every mug of NESCAFÉ® coffee is a quality product produced with respect to society and the environment.

Find out more about the responsible farming initiatives of NESCAFÉ® in the NESCAFÉ® Plan.