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If you like cold brew coffee, and feel like trying a cold coffee with a difference, why not try a cool glass of nitro coffee? There’s a good chance you may have heard of it – for coffee lovers in the know, it’s been at the forefront for a few glorious coffee-infused summers. Best served chilled, Nitro coffee offers a unique and exciting way of enjoying cold coffee – sumptuous taste and texture combine with the drama of its pour to make a coffee that’s really something special.

So, what is nitro coffee? In simple terms, it’s essentially coffee infused with nitrogen. Then, this nitrogen-infused coffee is pushed through a pressurised valve to create the end result, which is smooth, dark, and topped with a creamy-textured crema.


Next up – how does nitro coffee taste?

The nitrogen in nitro coffee makes the coffee taste slightly sweeter – people say that it tastes as if it has had cream and sugar added even when drunk black. Nitro coffee can be described as having a crisp, sweet taste, with the nitrogen bringing out rounded, mellow coffee flavours in the brew.


Nitro coffee is visually stunning. It’s quite something to watch the reverse cascade effect of a freshly pulled glass of nitro coffee, as creamy-textured foam rises to the surface. Because of this, and its stunning graduated colour, it’s definitely best served in a luxury glass – so you can enjoy the full visual nitro coffee experience.

Texture-wise, nitro is creamy, silky and big-bodied. Nitrogen doesn’t easily dissolve in water, giving nitrogen-infused coffee a thicker, velvetier mouthfeel. The ‘head’ is a creamy crema, giving each sip a luxurious quality.


Available on draught at many coffee shops, nitro coffee is also sold in cans. Opening a chilled can of nitro coffee is an experience in itself, as you crack open the can and hear the distinctive hiss of nitrogen. It’s unlike any coffee experience you’ve had before!


Why not try a delicious glass of nitro coffee today? Its deliciously unique texture, look and flavour make it truly unmissable.