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The story of NESCAFÉ® coffee begins in Vevey, a small town in Switzerland, where a pharmacist named Henri Nestlé was searching for a healthy, economical alternative to breastfeeding for mothers who could not feed their infants at the breast.

In 1866, his solution was ready. He called it Farine Lactee Henri Nestlé, and it soon became popular in much of Europe. It was the birth of one of the world’s favourite food brands.

The Nestlé Company soon expanded into chocolate and other food products, but it wasn’t until 1930 that they put their expertise into coffee.

That year, the Brazilian Coffee Institute approached Nestlé with an exciting challenge: develop a new coffee product that would help Brazil reduce its large coffee surplus.

Eight years of painstaking research eventually produced a soluble powder that revolutionised coffee-drinking habits worldwide. In April 1938, NESCAFÉ® was launched. The name came from the combination of Nestlé and café.

NESCAFÉ® became an instant success. Over the years, continuous innovations have extended the NESCAFÉ® range and consistently high quality has made it a favourite of many generations all around the world.


A soluble coffee powder process had been patented as early as 1909 in the USA. So why is NESCAFÉ® so important in the world of coffee?

The fact is that soluble coffee only became a product worth drinking with the launch of NESCAFÉ® in 1938, after eight years of dedicated work in Vevey, Switzerland.

Since then, continuous quality improvements have gone hand in hand with the growth of our popularity. Technical developments have helped retain the coffee aroma. Packaging was also improved during the 1960s and 70s with the move from tins to jars.

In 1965 NESCAFÉ® pioneered premium freeze dried coffee in Europe with NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® and one year later decaffeinated NESCAFÉ® was launched.

Now, NESCAFÉ® coffees are available to suit all tastes and in a wide range of packaging. Each country has a slightly different taste in coffee, reflected in the local varieties of NESCAFÉ® products.

Wherever you are, you can trust that tough quality standards and diligent coffee masters ensure that every mug is a delicious part of your day.


Today, NESCAFÉ® coffees are available around the world to suit all tastes and occasions. Here are just a few of our products for you to discover. Which one is your favourite?

NESCAFÉ® Original – Our signature coffee and an all-time favourite in households worldwide!

NESCAFÉ® Original 2 in1 Coffee Mixes – Simple and easy mixes of coffee and milk in an easy way!

NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Range – A distinctive premium coffee blend made with high quality Arabica and Robusta beans for a smooth taste and rich aroma.

NESCAFÉ® Super Premium Range:

NESCAFÉ® ALTA RICA® – A special blend of exclusive Latin American Arabicas.

NESCAFÉ® CAP COLOMBIE® – Made with lightly roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans from South America for a smooth and fruity coffee.

NESCAFÉ® Espresso – Strong, rich and aromatic coffee blend with a rich, intense taste and velvety crema.

NESCAFÉ® CAFÉ PARISIEN® – 100% pure Arabica beans, adding Parisian style with intense aromas and a rich, velvety flavour.

NESCAFÉ® AZERA® – A tasteful blend of instant coffee and finely ground roasted coffee beans, with an irresistible layer of velvety coffee crema.

NESCAFÉ® Decaff – Enjoy the same full flavour and rich aroma that you love from NESCAFÉ®, but without all of the caffeine.

NESCAFÉ® Café Menu Range – Delicious white, milky, frothy coffee made with 100% Arabica beans, skimmed milk powder and sugar for a classic coffee shop coffee at home.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto® – Our multi-beverage system that combines a stylish high-pressure machine pump with smart coffee capsules to deliver a wide range of high quality beverages.