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NESCAFÉ Azera Coffee to Go

We recognise that the issue of paper cup recyclability is important and we are committed to finding a way to make our current NESCAFÉ® Azera® Coffee to Go cup more recyclable. At the moment the box, paper wrap and silver foil are widely recyclable and the lid is recyclable in many council areas (check local recycling), however the cup itself is not. This is because it has a laminate plastic coating inside the cup to ensure the hot water does not leak out. Although the technology exists to recycle the majority of cups in on the market, it is not widely available in the UK and Ireland at the moment.

We are working on a number of initiatives to address the recycling issues associated with paper cups.Find out more below:

Finding a widely recyclable cup design

We are working with our cup suppliers to develop a more widely recyclable cup design. We are testing 2 options at the moment and are hopeful we can roll them out in the near future.

Making it easier to collect

We are a key sponsor of an initiative called #1MoreShot, which is run by the charity Hubbub. It’s the first high street recycling scheme of its kind in the UK and its purpose is to provide a way for people in Manchester to recycle their cups. Until Dec 2016, eleven bins in the shape of giant coffee cups have been placed up and down one of Manchester’s busiest streets, Oxford Road. The bins are intended to collect paper cups, which will then be recycled into 33,000 plastic flower pot holders to be used in community gardens around the city. The hope this that this scheme will show local councils and the industry that people are willing to recycle their cups, if we give them the means to do so. Click here to visit the Hubbub website.

Industry collaboration

We are working with the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group - a membership organisation of businesses that cover all aspects of the paper cup supply chain. We have signed up to their manifesto to reduce the number of cups going to landfill. Click here to visit the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group website.

Information and education

We want to provide our consumers with clear information on the recyclability of our cups so that they also do their part to recycle where they can. We are creating videos and infographics to help spread this information via social media.

Want to learn which parts of the cup are recyclable? Click here to watch the video.