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When you order a latte at a café, you are most likely asking for a caffé latte (Italian for coffee with milk – sometimes written café latte). What you’ll get is a coffee drink with a shot (or two if you prefer something stronger) of espresso in an 8oz glass with steamed milk and small amount of foam.

You can also make lattes at home if you have ground espresso coffee beans, a way to brew them, milk and a milk-frothing implement. First, steam the milk to your desired temperature, then brew the espresso. Pour the espresso in the cup, add the steamed milk and froth it a bit on top. If you are a fan of different flavours, you can also add chocolate, hazelnut or many other delicacies to spice up your drink.


NESCAFÉ® Café Menu® offers a wide variety of options with our standard Latte and Skinny Latte, or some more indulgent, frothy alternatives of Caramel, Vanilla, Irish Cream, and Gingerbread Lattes

Enjoy these lusciously smooth coffees by simply emptying your preferred sachet type into your favourite mug and pouring just-boiled water over. Thoroughly stir in one direction until blended and wait for roughly 20 seconds before giving it another slow, second stir and voila!

NESCAFÉ® AZERA® allows you to discover a barista style coffee in an instant, and enjoy a full and rich coffee shop coffee experience in the comfort of your home with their Latte.

Simply empty your sachet into your mug, pour in 200ml of hot water, stir well, and wait 20 seconds before giving it another good second stir.