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The best way to store your coffee for the longest time depends a lot on the type of coffee you like to drink. Soluble coffee has a longer shelflife than roasted beans and ground roasted beans, and green beans keep well but have to be roasted and ground before you can turn them into great coffee!

In general, storing your coffee, whether it’s soluble, green coffee beans, roasted beans or ground roasted beans, needs a dry, airtight container. In general, refrigeration isn’t recommended as it could affect the coffee taste. However freezing can be a good alternative for storing soluble coffee.

Soluble coffee, while it comes with a best before date and has the longest shelf life, needs to avoid too much exposure to air and moisture to not ruin the flavour. The great thing about soluble coffee is that once you’ve opened the pack, the coffee can be used for weeks or even months if you keep it in an airtight jar.

Green coffee beans, like most plant seeds, keep well and will last for well over a year if stored in cool, dry and airtight container. In fact, this is the way coffee is stored by the producers before roasting.

If you like to buy roasted coffee beans straight from the roaster, these need to be kept in a dark, dry and airtight container and used within a few weeks. Both green coffee beans and roasted beans can be frozen, however you need to make sure you pack them very tightly.

You can also buy ground roasted coffee. While it’s convenient, it can only be stored for a few days in a dark, dry, airtight container before it looses its taste.


Storing your NESCAFÉ® is easy, because soluble coffee is not a perishable product. However, to make sure you enjoy the best quality, you should use your NESCAFÉ® coffee products by the “Best Before” date printed on the container. Once opened, NESCAFÉ® soluble coffee should be stored in a cool, dry place.