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We know everyone has a particular way they like their coffee. Because the individual tastes of coffee drinkers around the world can be so different, there’s an unlimited number of coffee products created to cater to those tastes. It all starts with the coffee plant and the coffee beans. Some coffee fans swear by Arabica beans, while others prefer the higher caffeine content of Robusta. But even at the plant level there’s lots of variation and that’s where coffee blends come in – coffee professionals mix coffee beans from different plants to come up with exotic, gourmet and just plain tasty products.

Blends can contain more than just coffee too – flavouring, milk powder, sugar, and many other added ingredients can set one blend apart from another.


When people talk about coffee products, they are usually talking about packaged soluble coffee rather than loose blends. Packaged soluble coffee has the advantage of a long shelf life and convenience – and it comes in many different styles and flavours. There are pure coffee blends and coffee mixes, caffeinated and decaffeinated, regular and premium. You’ll find cappuccino, latte and espresso products with and without flavours such as hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla, and mint. And coffee products vary by country and region to cater to local tastes.


NESCAFÉ® offers a full range of coffee products to satisfy the coffee lover in you. Our products vary from country to country, catering for local tastes, but you’ll always find the unmistakable taste of our NESCAFÉ Original® which has been the everyday choice of coffee fans all over the world for generations. In many countries we also offer our specialty range, comprising of popular coffee styles and flavoured varieties from vanilla to caramel to hazelnut. For those who love to enjoy coffee in the evening but want to avoid a late night caffeine intake, we’ve created decaff versions of some of our favourite coffees. Plus our super premium blends are ideal for those who like to indulge in a gourmet coffee experience.