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To many coffee fans, coffee making could well be considered an art. And which artists are at the top of their game? The professional ones, of course: the baristas.

A top coffee shop barista not only knows the difference between a ristretto and a regular espresso shot, they can prepare any espresso based drink with ease and flair. Baristas have also often been known to whip up masterpieces in latte or cappuccino foam – everything from hearts and flowers to more complicated designs such as dragons.


Bring out your favorite NESCAFÉ® packs, and you’ll be able to prepare fun coffee drinks with the skill of a seasoned barista. Whether you use NESCAFÉ® ORIGINAL as the base for a delicious coffee recipe, or try one of the tasty coffee mixes from our specialty range of cappuccinos and lattes, you are sure to please your palate and those of your guests.