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When you want to go out and enjoy a delicious mug of coffee, you probably go to a coffee shop or café. And you know you aren’t just getting a coffee, you are also enjoying the social atmosphere that arises wherever people gather to drink coffee. In fact, in small towns, coffee shops can often be the focal point of the town.

In many coffee shops, especially in Europe, you can take advantage of the outdoor seating to people watch and watch the world go by. You might also go to access the Internet, since coffee shops were also some of the first businesses to offer a wireless connection, reinforcing the social aspect of the coffee shop.


The coffee shop is an important part of coffee history. It originated in the Middle East where they were called coffee houses. The first recorded coffee house opening sometime in the 15th century in Arabia. Coffee houses spread with the popularity of coffee, popping up in cities such as Mecca, Damascus and Cairo. These coffee houses were often described as lively places where men came to socialise and play games.

The first coffee house in Europe was opened in Venice in 1645 and others soon followed in London, Paris and elsewhere. These were popular public hangouts for men, especially those in fashionable and intellectual circles. For example, the Café Procope in Paris, which opened in 1686 and still operates today, was a major meeting point for great thinkers of the French Enlightenment. The likes of Rousseau and Voltaire could be found there, and later it wasn’t uncommon for revolutionaries like Robespierre and Marat to frequent Café Procope.

America’s first coffee house opened in Boston in 1676. In the politically turbulent 1960s, American coffee houses were visited by folk singers and hippies. By the 1990s, thanks to the establishment of coffee chains, coffee houses had became coffee shops and subsequently were now a mainstream part of American life.


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