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One of the most amazing things about coffee is how well its complex flavour combines with other foods and drinks. The flavour of coffee has been added to all sorts of foods and drinks including sweets, cake, ice cream and chocolates.

The most common ingredient added to coffee is milk. But when we talk of flavoured coffees we’re usually referring to coffee products that come with the flavours already mixed in.

Flavoured coffees have been around for centuries and are regularly found on supermarket shelves. Some of the most popular tastes are chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnut and almond, but there are many more exotic combinations.

Creating coffee flavours is a bit of a science and a bit of art. Dozens of ingredients might be needed to achieve just the right note. In the case of coffee mixes and ready prepared flavours, coffee producers usually add the flavours after the beans have been roasted, in the form of a sprayed liquid.

As the new world of coffee continues to develop, more and more consumers are buying their own flavoured syrups and adding these to their freshly brewed coffee.


Coffee is appreciated all around the world, but different countries sometimes have different tastes. This is clear to see when you look at all the different flavoured coffee products NESCAFÉ® has created for its different markets.

Mexican coffee drinkers, for example, are very fond of cinnamon, while in the Philippines many people enjoy a rich and creamy chocolate flavoured coffee mix called Choco Fudge.

Other popular flavours include Vanilla, Irish Cream, and Mocha, with many variations such as Double Choco Mocha or Mocha Skinny.

Too much choice? In the end, there is only one rule: follow your taste! Whatever your preference, you can be sure that NESCAFÉ® always contains the coffee taste you love.