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You may be wondering: just how much caffeine is in decaff coffee anyway? Is decaff coffee caffeine-free or does it just contain a reduced amount of caffeine?

Although decaff coffee (decaffeinated coffee) has gone through a process of decaffeination to remove most of the caffeine, decaff coffee is not actually completely caffeine free. To be labeled as decaff, coffee must meet the EU standard of being 99,9% caffeine free.

The Arabica coffee bean contains about half of the caffeine content of the Robusta bean and is thus more suitable for making high quality decaff coffee. There are rare types of Arabica that naturally have very low caffeine levels as well. But in any case, every mug of decaff coffee you drink is going to have a minimal amount of caffeine.

Decafff coffee the NESCAFÉ® way

If you’re looking for a decaff coffee with very little caffeine, look no further than the NESCAFÉ® range of decaff coffees.

Although there are numerous ways to decaffeinate coffee, NESCAFÉ® uses a water decafffeinating process that preserves the full taste and rich aroma that is unique to NESCAFÉ®. That means, with NESCAFÉ® decaff, you can still enjoy the coffee experience you love; without all the caffeine of course.