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Acidity is surprisingly one of the key qualities of a flavoursome mug of coffee. Every delicious mug of coffee needs some acidity along with great aroma and body. Be sure not to confuse it with sourness or bitterness.

Acidity is a sharp and vibrant taste, which you may notice as a ‘tingling’ sensation on each side of the tongue. How much acidity makes your ideal coffee experience? The acidity of a coffee depends on many factors, including the variety, place of origin, growing environment, the way it is roasted and brewed.


Looking for your ideal balance of acidity in your mug of coffee? You’ll find a delicious wide range of flavours among the NESCAFÉ® coffees using Arabica beans. All of these are carefully selected, blended and roasted to provide a bright, vibrant and great tasting mug of coffee:

  • NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® is a distinctive premium blend of golden-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans
  • NESCAFÉ® CAP COLOMBIE® is made exclusively from lightly roasted Colombian Arabica beans that deliver an exceptionally smooth and fruity coffee experience with naturally sweet aromas.
  • NESCAFÉ® ALTA RICA® is a special blend of exclusive Latin American Arabica roasted beans chosen for their full and bold flavours.
  • NESCAFÉ® Espresso is made from a blend of Arabica beans, fully roasted for a deeply intense flavour, to bring you a fragrant and aromatic coffee with a rich crema.