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Iced Coffee


On a hot summer day, what could be better than a tall glass of iced coffee?


You could either stop by your local café to satisfy your craving, or you could make iced coffee at home. If you decide to make it at home, you have a couple of options. The first is cold brewing, which gives you a less bitter coffee taste than simply allowing hot coffee to go cold. To cold brew, soak ground coffee overnight in a cafetiere in a large jug or jar.


A faster method is to take a shot of hot espresso and add it to cold milk. Or you can also add an equal amount of hot coffee and ice and wait for the ice to melt.


There are many ways you can use your favourite NESCAFÉ products to make iced coffee. Try one of the following recipes for a quick, satisfying indulgence on a hot summer day.


Coffee and Banana Smoothie


Serves 1

Preparation time: 5 mins



½ banana

150ml (5fl.oz) Greek yoghurt

200ml (7fl.oz) cold milk

2tbsp honey

Pinch cinnamon, plus extra for dusting


6 ice cubes



1.Place all the ingredients except the ice cubes into a blender

2.Process, adding the ice cubes one at a time until smooth and creamy

3.Pour into a tall glass, dust with cinnamon and serve

Serves 2




2 scoops light ice cream or frozen yoghurt

150ml (¼pt) semi-skimmed milk

Large handful of ice

Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

1tsp NESTLÉ CARNATION Condensed Milk Light or sugar, to sweeten if desired



1. Dissolve the coffee with 4tbsp boiling water in a cup and pour into a blender or smoothie maker

2. Add the milk and ice cream and blend until smooth, before adding the ice gradually until you have a slushy consistency. Flavour with cinnamon, if desired and sweeten to taste (it may already be sweet enough)

3. Pour into a tall glass, add a straw, sit back and relax in the summer sun!



NESCAFÉ GREEN BLEND has a really aromatic aroma and flavour – adjust the amount of coffee in this recipe to suit your taste buds.

Add ½ a banana, a sprinkling of oats and replace the ice cream with yoghurt for a delicious breakfast drink!

Try adding a couple of teaspoons of AERO Hot Chocolate to this recipe for a Mocha Frappe.


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