Supporting Colombian

One aim of The NESCAFÉ Plan is to improve coffee farmers‘ income as they are key protagonists in providing you with the great quality NESCAFÉ® coffee you enjoy.

As an important part of this aim, NESCAFÉ has provided 4 MILLION COFFEE TREES to farmers in Colombia in 2011 and a further 4 MILLION in 2012. Globally we will provide 220 million coffee trees to farmers around the world by 2020.

Why Trees?

Coffee trees are vital because across the world coffee farmers need to improve their farms in order to sustain and increase their income and to provide great quality coffee for you.

Why is farm improvement so important?

Once coffee trees get past a certain age, the volume of coffee beans they produce significantly declines and they may become susceptible to disease.

And it doesn’t stop there

As well as the new trees, NESCAFÉ has provided 5 additional agronomists. These experienced agricultural specialists will provide free training to the farmers in this region.

Great news for the farmer, great news for you

More coffee beans + higher quality coffee beans = more income for the farmer and great tasting coffee for you.

So next time you pick up a pack of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND or NESCAFÉ BLACK GOLD, thank you for doing your bit to Create Shared Value for these farmers, who in turn will continue to provide great quality coffee for you to savour and enjoy.

NESCAFÉ has been helping farmers around the
globe since 1962. To see how we‘re currently
helping farmers

Replacing old trees

Farmers therefore need to periodically replace old coffee trees with new ones, preferably disease resistant ones. This can be a challenge for a farmer with low cash flow or who lacks access to training.

That’s where The NESCAFÉ Plan plays a vital role.

NESCAFÉ in the UK provided 4 MILLION COFFEE TREES to farmers in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia as a first step. Grown from specially selected seeds, these trees have been chosen for their excellent pedigree. This means they can produce even more coffee beans and have a greater resistance to disease.

This initiative, in conjunction with the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC) is supported by NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND and NESCAFÉ BLACK GOLD products.


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