Our approach

For a company to be successful over the long term and create value for shareholders, it must also create value for society. Creating Shared Value is the approach we take to the business as a whole and at NESCAFÉ.

Worldwide demand for coffee continues to grow, and our coffee businesses are focused on ensuring that supplies in the long term are able to meet increasing consumption on a sustainable footing.










NESCAFÉ - Supporting Colombian Coffee farmers

NESCAFÉ has worked in Colombia with the Colombian Coffee growers Association (FNC) to improve coffee growers’ lives and help them grow great quality coffee. Once coffee trees get past a certain age, the amount of beans they produce significantly decreases and they become vulnerable to disease. In particular, a disease called leaf rust has been affecting coffee farms across Colombia in recent years, severely impacting the quality and productivity of those coffee trees.

Providing coffee trees to Colombian coffee farmers

Together with the FNC, since 2010, NESCAFÉ has provided 24 million new high-yield, leaf rust resistant trees to Colombian farmers, free of charge and with no obligation for the farmers to sell their coffee back to NESCAFÉ. These trees, grown from seed in local nurseries, are more productive, helping the farmers’ income and future security, whilst ensuring you continue to get the great taste of NESCAFÉ. Overall, more than 3,500 hectares of coffee field have been renovated with rust-resistant trees.

Training Colombian coffee farmers

We’ve also provided training, equipment and support. Indeed, since 2010, we have provided training to over 8,000 Colombian coffee farmers through training sessions. The training we provide comprises management and conservation of water and soil resources, as well as proper use of organic matter and agrochemicals and safe management of waste. This help farmers having better agricultural practices.

Since 2011, NESCAFÉ UK has provided 4 million new coffee trees to Colombian farmers each year. In 2014, NESCAFÉ UK celebrated the First Harvest of the trees we provided to Colombian coffee farmers and we launched in May, a Limited Edition pack called Gold Blend First Harvest.


The NESCAFÉ Plan across the world

The Nescafé Plan promotes responsible farming in four main ways:

  • Direct procurement - We are purchasing green coffee locally in an efficient way to help us develop local supplies for our factories, and to work with growers to make improvements at a farm level.

  • Training farmers - We are committed to training farmers on the techniques and guidelines that comprise our Better Farming Practices.

  • Providing local assistance - Our team of more than 220 sourcing staff visited more than 30,000 coffee farmers in 14 countries to provide expertise and help to implement good practices in the field. For more information, visit: www.nestle.com

  • Providing high yield, disease resistant coffee trees - We’re investing in improving coffee trees through plant science, largely through our R&D Centre in France. We aim at providing 220 million high yield and disease resistant coffee trees to farmers by 2020. It’s key to quality and yields, so that farmers see coffee growing as an attractive, viable means of earning a living, ensuring a long-term supply of the right quantity and quality of green coffee.

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