Supporting Colombian coffee farmers

NESCAFÉ Gold Blend First Harvest is the result of our work with Colombian coffee farmers to improve their lives and help them grow great quality coffee. Together with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), we’ve provided more than 15 million high-yield coffee trees to Colombian farms free of charge and with no obligation for the farmers to sell their coffee back to NESCAFÉ. We’ve also provided training, equipment and support to help farmers produce a great tasting crop.

Watch the video to the right to discover the story behind NESCAFÉ Gold Blend First Harvest.








The First Harvest

After 3 years of working with Colombian farmers, we’re proud to present NESCAFÉ Gold Blend First Harvest. This special edition pack  contains coffee from the farms that received those NESCAFE trees.

It has the same great taste as your usual NESCAFÉ Gold Blend. So look out for NESCAFE GOLD BLEND First Harvest in stores nationwide from 1st May 2014.
















Our long-term plan

Once coffee trees get past a certain age, the amount of beans they produce significantly decreases and they become vulnerable to disease. In particular, a disease called leaf rust has been affecting coffee farms across Colombia in recent years, severely impacting the quality and productivity of those coffee trees.

Over time, farmers need to replace older trees with new ones, preferably disease-resistant ones. This can be financially challenging to farmers who sometimes lack access to training or equipment. This is where we come in.

Together with the FNC, NESCAFÉ has provided new high-yield, leaf rust resistant trees to Colombian farmers. These trees, grown from seed in local nurseries, are more productive, helping the farmers’ income and future security, whilst ensuring you continue to get the great taste of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend today and for years to come.




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